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Learn at your own pace

Traditional training would usually involve you traveling to a location or an instructor to come onsite taking valuable time and extra expense.  I-training give you access to a library of detailed training videos that allow you to learn at your own pace.  All videos are performed in real-time so it gives you a true feel and not a perfect world scenario.  Being that welding is our specialty all videos are geared for welding and instructed by professionals that have true experience in the field.  I-Training is a great way to learn, if you miss something you just watch it again unlike in a classroom or onsite training where all you are left with is a 500 page manual and a hotline number that might return your call in a day or so.

Videos by request

Run into a problem and can't figure it out?  We will not only help you if you run into a wall we will add a specific video showing you the solution to solve your problem.    

It's Free

The best part about all of this is that it's free with the purchase of any robot.  

Sample Training Video

I-Training Sample Video : How to Program a Circle