Pallet Style Robotic Weld Cell


 Robotic Weld Cell Specs

  1. Single/Dual Opening Design
  2. Heavy Tubular Frame Pallet style
  3. Machinery Floor Mounts
  4. Weld Tables/Head Stock Tail Stock 
  5. 6' Tall walls Solid Steel with torch clean out port
  6. Air Lift Sold Front Wall with viewing window
  7. Robot Controller & Welder Mounted on rear for easy movement
  8. Single Power Point
  9. All Power cables, ground cables, and wire conduit routed
  10. Requires minimal floor space
  11. Comes  ready to weld
  12. Move entire cell with fork lift
  13. Swinging Rear Door for robot maintenance 

Dual Zone Walk Around

Check out some highlights of our dual zone pallet cell


Single Zone Pallet Cell (pdf)


Dual Zone Pallet Cell (PDF)