Welding Robot Benefits

Welding Robot advantages

Arc Welding Robots

  1. Minimum of 100% Production increase 
  2. Work multiple stations non stop
  3. Consistent Weld size no over or under welding
  4. Penetration and quality of weld 
  5.  25% Welding wire savings
  6. Consumable savings
  7. Employee needs no welding knowledge
  8. Decrease in scrap parts

The life span on a robot is anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 hours.  Refurbished robots are becoming a go to for all types of welding shops.  Every used robot that is sold goes though rigorous testing of all components and robot arm completely serviced.  Robotic welding is quickly becoming something normal in the welding industry.

Small Cell Integration

We offer small work cell integrations with modular jigging to allow you to build several various products under one robot.  Modular jigging consists of positioning units on jigs and receiving units on jig base.  All parts are manufactured in house.

Large Cell Integration

Multi Robot and Multi Jig cells allow for various styles of products to be manufactured under one cell.  Dual door design allows products to flow in one direction, reducing loading and unloading time.  Unlimited amount of jigs can be used.


Robots on hand

We have robots ranging in all sizes.  We offer new and used robots, robotic welding integration, robotic weld cell integration, and fixture solutions.  We have a constant supply of robots and access to several others.  Feel free to contact us for a quote.