Starter Stand

Starter Stand Specs

  1. Heavy Tubular Frame Design
  2. Machinery Floor Mounts with Anchor holes
  3. Robot Riser With Mounting Plate
  4. All Cabling Contained in cable tray for neat look
  5. Robot, Controller, and Welder Archored to Stand for easy moving
  6. Single Point Pick up with Forklift
  7. Designed to take up minimal floor space

The starter stand is designed for people that are starting in robotics and are unsure about fixturing and flow of parts.  This stand gives you total freedom to design your cell exactly how you want it.  Pull up one or two of your welding tables to it and go to work.  This option gives you a good level-able base to start with with all cabling contained.   

Starter Stand Downloads

Starter Stand (PDF)


Starter Stand MTS (PDF)


Universal Starter Stand (pdf)